What are the reasons why so many companies wait to start with FinOps until their cloud costs are really high or even spiralling out of control?

From Erik Norman of Caligo

I think that people do not know they NEED expertise to understand a cloud invoice before the fist cloud bill explosion.

In the on-prem world the IT cost is simple and stable, and the Finance team is on top of it, while engineers do not need to worry about cost.

In the Cloud engineers need to care about money, but they don’t know it and, more importantly, they don’t want to add more work on their already heavy workload.

finance, is not made aware of the changes the cloud brings and that Finance has no more any power in controlling costs. Plus they usually don’t understand the bill. Which is a very stressful place to be. It feels like giving an unlimited credit card to people, without a way to understand what is being spend, and have a clue on what is coming.