What are the benefits of FinOps?

As part of writing the Wikipedia article for FinOps, I would like your views on what are the benefits of Cloud FinOps?


From the brain of @ben.demora

Off the top of my head:

  • Increased cross-functional collaboration leading to less misaligned goals and work effort
  • Faster response and more proactive thinking around leveraging technology to drive improvements and value
  • Greater cross-skilling of individuals across the organisation
  • Higher and faster awareness at exec level of outcomes from strategic goal setting and prioritisation shifting
  • Clearer path towards ESG Regulatory Compliance of Cloud use, as those regulations evolve and develop
  • Oh, and also reduced waste and better rates, yadda yadda yadda


  1. Improving value of investments in cloud.
  2. Driving better collaboration between teams in an organisation.
  3. Helping an organisation make better business decisions based on unit economics.
  4. Reducing cloud waste - reduces carbon footprint
  5. Better cloud processes and governance
  6. Reduces the gap between accountability and responsibility for cloud spend.
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Do you think that it is improving the value, immediately or should there be another bullet about showing the value of investment in cloud?

As soon as you spend a penny that’s an investment. So I don’t think it needs a change to the sentence to add immediacy

Trying to rephrase.

Improving assumes there is a known value of investment, and I think that’s what needs to be done first.

You improve something that exists.

I see your point my friend. How about this:

Understand and improve value of investments in cloud?

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Centralized cloud cost management in single or multi cloud environment
Builds confidence around budget and forecasts and drive accuracy
Increased visibility to cloud cost
More accountability for utilization
Increased accountability for cloud cost (edited)

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