Does a general FinOps KPI exist?

Does a general FinOps KPI exist?

Question from Luca Giannone

As usual, the more accurate answer is ‘it depends’. But It is a useless answer all the same.

Here is my view as of today (2023-09-03).

All companies, including not-for-profit, are measured with money, and using FinOps as a way to understand and control cloud cost to answer the question ‘is it worth it?’

So, if I were to cut through the fat, and choosing one KPI, it would be ROI. And it better be a better return than on-demand.

Now ROI is complicated, its calculation is different in different places ( the ‘it depends’ from above ).

Yet, I think it is the main KPI you want to measure. It include the input of work, time and opportunity cost and the output of better security, improved scalability and others. It is really the KPI to rule them all. It is easily understood by the full-stack (pun intended) of the company, from the board, execs, manager, and doers.