What’s new in Cloud FinOps in July 2023? - Podcast - The FinOps Guys - Season 3 Episode 21

Name: The FinOps Guys Podcast

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Frank and Stephen go through the plethora of news from AWS, Azure and GCP for July 2023. A lot of updates this month. Frank and Stephen have gone through everything that has a financial impact and quickly try to tell you why it may matter to you and your organization.

Check out the latest episode of ‘What’s New in Cloud FinOps’! In our July 2023 edition, we cover the latest news and announcements related to AWS, Azure and GCP FinOps. This month, we’re excited to introduce the m7i-flex instance type and many other exciting updates. Stay up-to-date with all things FinOps and tune in now! #FinOps #AWS #Azure #GCP #CloudComputing

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July 2023


Visibility (Billing conductor - Tags - cost categories)

**-**You can now view the list prices associated with all line items charged to your account in Google Cloud Billing standard and detailed export. Use the cost_at_list_price column to view list prices.

Review the schema of the Detailed cost data export
Review the schema of the Standard cost data export

Cloud Billing Pricing API is now available in preview - (S)

You can now get list prices, as well as account-specific custom prices and discounts for Google Cloud stock keeping units (SKUs) with the Pricing API (preview). You can also use the Pricing API to get additional information about Google Cloud services, such as service-to-SKU mappings, information about SKU groups, SKU group to SKUs mapping, and geo and product taxonomy information.