FinOps Tool RFP Template

Does anyone have a RFP template for a FinOps tool they could share?

What are you looking for, a tool and do you want vendors to participate?

As Chief Innovation Officer, I would love to help as it helps me get some market context :slight_smile:

We are looking for a tool/platform to do all the FinOps things and having other RFP’s for this would be good to cross reference so that we’re not missing anything.

I am not aware of any tool that does everything (well). In my experience, you will be looking at a tool belt, with the tools to fit your workload and use case.

Agreed - so, of all the tools that are out there, and building said toolbelt - I am looking if anyone has a sharable RFP template to help zerio in on said tools.

Maybe if you search in public sector RFPs? (I am guessing here and you might have done it already)